Life at Al Nakhla

Al Nakhla consists of 7 main environments, each environment exhibiting a unique theme eliciting a mystical feeling –bringing about harmony with the Al Nakhla spirit holistically.

The combination of modernity and elegance coupled with the magical aura comes  alive at Al Nakhla where an unrivalled and joyful experience awaits the residents. The accommodations have undergone a thorough and systematic assessment – careful thought has been given to technical utilities such as satellite reception, telecommunication network and internet which are based on the package subscriptions tailor made for the project.

Al Nakhla Location

Special care, planning and attention has gone into the selection of the location. From the inception of the idea stage Al Nakhla developers have cautiously looked into every detail of comfort. Ease of navigation from and to the city was given special significance. The location’s proximity to King Khalid’s International Airport and the access to a number of highways and main roads are a true value add in terms of convenience for everyone.

Al Nakhla’s Surroundings

Al Nakhla overlooks the Business Gate project in Riyadh, it is also close to (Sabic) The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation and Princess Noora University.  It also serves as the region's international trade and business center acting as an important commercial hub for businesses.

Al Nakhla Environment

Al Nakhla’s community will savour the beauty and fresh air of the surroundings where plants and trees are respectfully nurtured to bring nature into your backyard. The emphasis of greenery at the city’s early planning stages has added vibrancy and impetus to the project. Surgical planning in regard to allocation of space was granted to vegetation, trees and shrubs in the boundaries and perimeters of Al Nakhla.

Al Nakhla’s Welfare

The state of the art safety and security measures ensures the community at Al Nakhla is protected at all times. Along with high tech gadgets some of which are surveillance cameras and alarms with round the clock vigil, there is guaranteed peace of mind. The departments in charge of this unit are all professionals and are influenced by the motto to protect and serve.